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Your child deserves a specialty healthcare provider that truly cares! Dr. Al has the amazing superpowers of kindness and generosity, giving everything he has for an incomparable dental experience that is exciting and entertaining for your child and your family.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree at Baylor University and a master’s degree at the University of North Texas, Dr. Al attended Baylor College of Dentistry, where his foundation in dentistry was built and strengthened with knowledge and clinical experience. Dr. Al went on to complete specialty training at Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Saint Joseph Health Center in Providence, Rhode Island, part of the NYU Langone Hospitals – Dental Medicine System. During his residency, Dr. Al trained in various areas of pediatric dentistry, including preventive dentistry, special needs dentistry, sedation dentistry, and hospital dentistry. In the year following residency, Dr. Al was certified as a Diplomate by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, thus becoming a board-certified pediatric dentist.

Since becoming a board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Al has continued building and strengthening his wealth of knowledge and experience through continuing education and active participation in the pediatric dental community.
One of the greatest joys in Dr. Al’s life is his family. He and his amazing wife Joanna have five wonderful children — Katalina, Maxwell, Lucia, Solana, and Marley — and two energetic dogs: Tuffy and Ralfy. This vibrant modern family enjoys time with each other adventuring, playing, and relaxing. Their journey could easily become a warm, loving, comedic family sitcom … the next great feel-good hit series for television.

Dr. Al is a compassionate specialist who truly cares for all patients and every family. His involvement and impact in patient advocacy are the dental legacy he finds most purposeful. He truly believes it is the collective effort of many that brings about productive change for all. With his entertaining style and fun personality, Dr. Al gets children and their families excited about their dental care.

Dr. Al’s purpose in pediatric dentistry is to help children and their families develop healthy mindsets and positive habits that will last a lifetime. He is driven to provide an exceptional, kid-centric, and family-friendly dental home for every child and every family: one that fosters growth and centers on well- being. Why? “Because every child deserves to smile!”

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